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High School and Middle School Enrollments

Big Picture: A "full time" student is around $1,500 - $2,200. Full time includes core subjects and chosen electives. Exact tuition is calculated with specific classes.

A La Cart classes are paid for individually. 

Tuition can be paid in full or in monthly payments.

Tuition Builder


For the Family

300$ enrollment per family.


Per Student

If your student is enrolled in 

1 class = 450

2 classes = 400 per class (Ex: $400 X 2 = $800)

3 classes = 350 per class (Ex: $350 X 2 = 1,050)

4 classes or more = 300 per class


*All classes include curriculum

Second Semester Tuition 

200$ per class


Applications open through Jan 5th

Second semester classes start  the week of Jan. 15 and go through the week of May 13th

For scholarship or teacher trades reach out to

Serve Contribution 


For the Parent

Each student enrolled in middle or high school assigns 1.5 hours of serve time a week to a parent. With a cap of 4.5 hours a week per family.


EX: if you have two students enrolled, your serve time would be 3 hours a week. 


* there are multiple ways to structure those hours *

One parent might group them together and serve 6 hours twice a month.

Another parent might serve 3 hours every Monday consistently


Serve time buy outs

Each students serve hours for the year may be purchased for $1,200 a year. 

EX: 2 students buy out = $2,400

EX: 2 students could also be a buy out for 1 student and serve time for the second. 1,200 buy out and only 1.5 hours a week.


For the Student

Each enrolled student has 2 hours of serve time a month. 

Student serve teams are based on availability and compatibility.   

- Open building

- Close building

- Projects

- Student teaching

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