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High School and Middle School Enrollments

Big Picture: A "full time" student is around $2,400. Full time includes core subjects and 4 chosen electives. Exact tuition is calculated with specific classes.

A la carte classes are paid for individually. 

Tuition can be paid in full or in monthly payments.

Tuition Builder

$300 Family / Student Registration 

This cost goes towards the supplies to host in person classes. Pesky things like light bulbs & toilet paper … ;)

$___cost per classes chosen

$___ associated materials kits

= total tuition

To hold a students spot in a class their schedule needs to be approved along with registration fee paid.


 Tuition payment plan approval is required to be submitted or tuition paid in full no later then Sept. 1, 2024.

For scholarship or teacher trades reach out to

Some of our best teachers are incredible parents who jump in the deep end of the pool with us, participate in our teacher training and lead teach classes. This also allows parents to have discounted tuition arrangements for their family. 

Serve Contribution 


For the Student

Each enrolled student has 2 hours of serve time a month. 

Our students take great pride in contributing to their school. We look for ways to give them as much personal responsibility and real world experience as possible!

Our goal is that they exit “formal education” with a proud resume of serve hours.

Student serve teams are based on availability and compatibility.   

- Building open and close

- Projects

- Student teaching



For the Parent

We not only rely on parent involvement  to keep our tuition costs accessible, but to create the most impactful environments for students possible.

We require that parents contribute 1-2 hours a week to the Academy per program they have a student participating in. Ex: If a family has a high school and middle school student, they would look to contribute a couple hours a week, contributing on one of our  class teams. 

We look to structure that contribution time in a way that fits parents schedules, gifts and talents!

We have AMAZING parents, grandparents and leaders in the local community that take their time to come and invest into this next generation and we are so grateful!!

However, if this is not a season where contributing in person is not an option for your family we have the option to “buy” your serve contribution out. This option provides the funds to replace the serve hours with hired experts.

Serve time buy outs

Each students parent contribution serve hours for the year may be purchased for $1,200 a year. 

EX: if you have 2 students 2,400 per year.


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