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Getting Started and Questions

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Every question is important, however every answer is not a one size fits all. We will do our best! Please reach out if your questions isn't answered or your circumstance needs personalization.


Check out the tuitions page 


*You can apply for leadership tuitions trades.

Reach out @ for openings and more information.

Does my application secure my spot?

Applications are the beginning of securing your spot. Your spot is 100% secure once everything has been submitted, accepted and paid.

Can I pick and choose classes?

YES! Tuition costs favor students with full schedules. However, if all you want to do is take high school math. That's great with us!

Month to month commitment or annual?

Commitment would be for the year.

We understand life happens and we are sensitive to that.

Parent involvement or drop Off..??

You pick! We think we have a pretty great environment at the Academy... you'll probably find yourself wanting to be there with us however... you can find the details on what entails and what options will fit your family below.

Check out the Serve Contribution section of tuition and enrollments.


Elementary classes do not have a drop off option.

What does parent involvement look like?

We have a list of things that we need done. Everything for technology help to cleaning help. Lead teaching, assisting, team teaching ect. Our desire is to match strengths up with the to do list that needs to get done.

Will my students teacher change?

No. Depending on the class, your student might have a teacher group. However, that group will stay the same. If your student has a single teacher listed, that teacher will remain the same. Growth needs a stable environment :).

Attendance Policy

You as the parent are responsible for your childs education. You do not get refunded if your child chooses not to attend a class. Naturally, you wont get the benefit of something you don't attend. We are assuming that you all want to be here! Flexibility is staple to homeschooling so if you can't make it we trust your judgment and you can keep up with us from home!

We do ask that ample notice is given out of respect for the teachers time, planning and expectations. 


Elementary Classes

 You must have a middle or high school student to apply to have students in elementary classes. There is also no drop off for elementary classes.

However, parents making the elementary program tick have some fun perks. Check out the we got you section on the elementary page for more details.


Schedule Gaps

Your middle or high school student does need to have full schedule for the times they are at the academy. Meaning that if you take one morning class and one afternoon class your student would not be able to "hang out" at school in-between with nothing to do. We have so many options  to take advantage of our amazing facility and opportunities! We suggest taking advantage of as many as you can!

Refunds for classes

Classes are not refundable.

Got more questions?? Reach out

Check out our calendar for upcoming info nights & meet ups. If those dates don't work for you reach out to set something else up one on one. We are excited to meet you!

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