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Click the buttons below for high school and elementary school applications

Middle School 6-8

Middle School 6-8 

Core Classes
Monday Core Classes
Select Desired MIDDLE SCHOOL Monday Core Classes
Thursday Core Classes
Select Desired MIDDLE SCHOOL Thursday Core Classes
Elective Classes
Elective classes are still being chosen. We want to offer the classes that add the most value to your school day. 

Right now we are just accepting applications from current families. Next, April 15th we will take applications from personal referrals. Before we open it up to the general public on May 1st elective classes will be set in stone.

Place a number under each  elective class for the student on this application.
0 = no desire for that class or lets us know its not applicable (some classes you have to have a prior class).

Share with us your top 6 class choices. 

1 being your highest desired class.

*** require previous class taken or individualized  approval

General enrollment opens May 1st. Applications will be reviewed in the order they are received. 

Thanks for submitting!

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