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Raising Leaders, Disciples, World Changers


Mid year applications are open through Jan 5th.

Mid year acceptance, will start classes the week of Jan. 15



Collective Academy

2 day a week hybrid program ​

The family unit is the foundation of education. However, with all the demands on today's families , everyone can use a little help. We believe if we come together, & everyone does a little, no one has to do a lot. More importantly, no one has to go it alone.


Collective Academy is built to come alongside families and bring multiple options in one place. Leveraging everyones strengths to make home education a little more manageable. 

 - Customizable 2 day hybrid program
 - A la cart class options
 - Transcript and high school diplomas
 - Tutoring options
 - Curriculum planning
 - Community / Association
 - Parent support
 - Athletics
 - Student lead organization 
 - Mentorship
Created by us. Customized by you...

Come Experience Educational Environments

We use the word environment to describe our classrooms. Each environment is created to bring that subject to life. 


We assume every student is coming into that environment with a different learning style, pace and starting point. The environment is set up to meet each student where they are at.

No worries about where your student is starting. Before their first day, you'll be on the same page with the teacher and ready to go! We believe the way they pursue academics should build a foundation and a confidence they can use for the rest of their life. 

1 . Get Some Info          

Email us

Call or text us 8015488080


2 . Submit Application  

You'll receive an email with your next steps.

3 . Breathe Easy ..... you're on your way!

Check out the calendar for any upcoming events.

We can't wait to meet you!

The Heart of Collective Academy
We are here to support you however you need it.
Explore what is offered and lets put it together, together.

Generation Focused
We want what we do to make a difference and an impact in future generations to come. 
"An inheritance is what you leave for someone, but a legacy is what you leave in someone"


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